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The Camisas, Music Americana from Flint, Michigan, a band consisting of

Matt Shredding at Totem May 7.jpg

Matt Thick (vocals/guitar) is the bandleader and principal songwriter of The Camisas. His words have once been desribed as "too weird to be true" (Flint Journal, 2006), but they're certainly true enough (Flint Journal, 2006). He's a writer and a reader by trade, and that shows in his songs.

Robin Close Up.jpg

Robin Abbott (vocals/ukulele/banjo/mandolin) joined The Camisas in 2021 mostly as a vocalist, but she's incorporating more of her string instruments. Her voice is magical.

Jonathon in Action_edited.jpg

A classically-trained musician originally from Flint, Michigan, Jonathon Jones recently joined The Camisas to work on The Wonderful Ice Cream Suite but is now contracted for the next nineteen The Camisas projects. He is a saxophonist and singer that plays a variety of wind instruments, including clarinet and trombone. 

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