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Live from the Chateau wsg/ Tim! the Band, 8/27

Live from the Chateau, uh-GHEE-in!, 11/22

Local 432, Flint, 12/8, 6pm, the Zepp Sett!


"Americana" best describes the ecclectic sounds of The Camisas. Bandleader and songwriter Matt Thick draws from multiple areas of inspiration, especially the styles of music that developed in the Americas. "No where is safe," said Thick, "I enjoy listening to music from around the world, all different eras, but overall, I think American-folk, blues, rock-and-roll, jazz, gospel, bluegrass, and Latin can be heard clearly in the songs." The Camisas keeps a number of musicians in its rotation, including Jonathon Jones on horns, and Noys Hillis on guitar. 

Matt Thick and his guitar Little Jerry

Enjoy The Camisas latest Single: Gas Station Girl!

Gas Station Girl was written in the summer of 2021, a reworking of another tune Matt had written in 1997. It's semi-autobiographical, much like the other songs on Bellingham, the album on which GSG will appear. 

Time will get you soon. Be nice.

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