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October 22, 2022

Totem Books


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Debut single from The Wonderful Ice Cream Suite! 

Medicine for Your Sads

Full Album Coming Soon!

The Wonderful Ice Cream Suite: Songs Based on Ray Bradbury's A Medicine for Melancholy

The Wonderful Ice Cream Suite: Songs based on Ray Bradbury's A Medicine for Melancholy / debut performance by The Camisas August 13, 2022 at Totem Books, Flint / words and music by Matt Thick / art by Amy Anderson / The Wonderful Ice Cream Personnel: Matt Thick (vox/guitar), Robin Abbott (vox/uke), Omar Hyatt (hand-drums), Tim Flynn (brush-drums), Bruce Powers (bass/vox), Jonathon Jones (clarinet/trombone) / special thanks to you - your support means everything; to Robin, Omar, Tim, Bruce, and Jon; Totem Books; Ray Bradbury; all librarians and scholars and readers and learners; the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies for responding to my letters; Jay at Vehicle City Studios (SomeW.I.C.Demos were not recorded there); and Mrs. Orban for assigning "All Summer in a Day", way back in the long agos / I love you more than christmas! - Matt