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A holiday treat just for you - a sneak preview of the future album Bellingham via the single 

Gas Station



M4YS Flint Beat.jpg

Latest single from The Wonderful Ice Cream Suite! 

The Wonderful Ice Cream Scoop Part 2

featuring "All the Junes and Julys that Ever Were"

and "Let's Be Company"!

Full Album Coming Soon!

The Wonderful Ice Cream Suite: Songs Based on Ray Bradbury's A Medicine for Melancholy returns to the recording phase

The Wonderful Ice Cream Suite: Songs based on Ray Bradbury's A Medicine for Melancholy

11/28 News: Production of the Wonderful Ice Cream Suite is undergoing a shift. To fine-tune a few things, we're taking the Suite back into the studio. It looks like it will take a little more time to cut this, but once we have finished, it will be totally worth it.

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